Tagaytay - Cheap Vacation Spot in the Philippines

Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines and Tagaytay is considered the country’s “second summer capital”. It shares almost the same climate as Baguio so that when Baguio becomes too crowded most locals go to Tagaytay instead. Because of its high altitude it gives a cool environment which is just perfect for a relaxing vacation.
Tagaytay city is one of the third class cities in the province of Cavite and it is one of the most known tourist attractions in Cavite. Tagaytay provide a beautiful view of the Taal Volcano which is very popular among tourists. Foreign tourist doesn’t have any problem here since all residents’ talks and understand English and Tagalog.
The climate is just perfect for activities like picnics, camping, sightseeing and horseback riding. Tagaytay is an affordable weekend getaway for most local tourist. It is just over an hour away if you are from Manila thus you can easily get to it if you feel you have the need to get away from the stress and pressures of your life in the city.
For foreign tourists, Tagaytay city is the perfect place to relax and a safe place where you can unwind after a long flight. Tagaytay is just about ninety minutes away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).
What are the places that are worth to see and visit in Tagaytay? Its main attraction is the Taal Lake and Tall volcano. You can have a close range sightseeing of the Taal Volcano anytime you want. You can arrange for a trip to Taal Lake and to Taal Volcano itself. It will be worth the effort, time and money when you see the place.
Another place worth a visit in Tagaytay is the picnic Groove where you can rent cottages if you want to stay the night or you can just stay for the day and let your kids play in the mini park or you can go horseback riding. This place is situated along Aguinaldo Highway.
If you want your kids to enjoy theme parks then Enchanted Kingdom is the best place to be. It is the Philippine version of Disneyland but it is far cheaper in price. It is just half hour drive from Tagaytay. Popular place to visit too is the Palace in the Sky which is now renamed to People’s Park in the Sky. It is the unfinished mansion of former president Ferdinand Marcos. This place definitely provides the best view of Taal Volcano.
For Golf lovers, Tagaytay has the best golf courses in the Philippines. To name the famous Golf courses are the Tagaytay High lands, Orchard Golf club and Asian Golf Holidays. And if you try your luck in casino then Casino Filipino Tagaytay is your option. There are still a lot of places that you can go to in Tagaytay. The list will be endless if we have to list everything but the important thing is you can actually go for a relaxing weekend even if your budget is not that big.

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